I'm trying to input excel files with the naming convention: "New FileName - June 06"

I've created an dateInput function: dateInput("dates", "Specific Date: ", format = "MM dd"),

And a fileName function that concatenates depending on what date was inputted: fileName <- paste("H:\New FileName - ", date1, ".xlsm")

Does anyone know how to make this work? Or does R studio not allow date inputs with MM dd?

date1 <- format(Sys.Date(), '%B %d')
paste("H:\\New FileName - ", date1, ".xlsm", sep = "")
[1] "H:\\New FileName - June 07.xlsm"

Replace Sys.Date() with wherever your date value is coming from. You will need double \ since R uses \ as an escape character.

When using R you have to follow these guidelines for formatting dates https://www.statmethods.net/input/dates.html

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