I have a BLOB column that stores 64-bit IEEE double-precision values and I would like to cast it to DOUBLE values. I'm working with MySQL 5.7.

For example, I have the HEX string 40053F7CED916872 that should cast to the DOUBLE value 2.656. I'm no MySQL guru and have researched CAST, CONV, CONVERT and other functions with no luck.

Somehow I feel I'm drowning in a glass of water, so I would really appreciate your insights.

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    Can you share with us why you want to do that?
    – marekful
    Jun 7 '19 at 23:05
  • @marekful, shure, thanks for asking. We have some binary software configuration files stored as BLOBs and I need to query a specific alarm value within that BLOB. I have identified the specific section where the 64-bit DOUBLE value resides but I'm stuck with this. Jun 9 '19 at 21:38

After diving deep in how DOUBLE numbers are stored, I finally came across a solution:

(1+CONV(SUBSTRING(LPAD(CONV('40053F7CED916872',16,2),64,'0'),13,52),2,10)/POW(2,52)) AS DBL;

The result:

| DBL   |
| 2.656 |

Basically convert the BLOB to its binary representation, extract the subsections corresponding to sign, exponent and mantissa, convert them to integers and combine them to calculate the DOUBLE. Some references I used:

online converter

a tutorial

more details

Hope this could help someone else in the future. Regards.


  • There's one catch. This doesn't work for a DOUBLE equal to zero, since that's handled as a special case. I don't need that, anyway, so it is enough for me. Jun 14 '19 at 18:36

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