Suppose I have an input ArrayXd of size 3:


My required symmetric MatrixXd is of size [3,3]:

-P[1]*P[1]+P[1]   -P[2]*P[1]         -P[3]*P[1]  
-P[1]*P[2]        -P[2]*P[2]+P[2]    -P[3]*P[2]
-P[1]*P[3]        -P[2]*P[3]         -P[3]*P[3]+P[3] 

Solution in pseudo code:

-1.0 * P.broadcast.rowwise() * P.broadcast.colwise() + diag(P)

Problem: The Eigen manual explains that you can broadcast a vector, but only in combination with a Matrix (or two-dimensional Array). How is it done with two vectors?


You're looking for an outer-product which is nothing else than a standard matrix product:

-P * P.transpose() + P.asDiagonal()
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