I need to include a product from Prestashop to my Wordpress blog but when i copy/paste a product link on Wordpress i receive this error message "Sorry, this content can not be embedded"

My Prestashop link: https://eshop.com/

My Wordpress blog: https://eshop.com/blog

A product: https://eshop.com/category/11-product.html

I do not know if it's CROSS ORIGIN because the domain is the same

Do you know how I can use the Wordpress oEmbed to display products?

enter image description here


You can't do it so simple. Products need to be added( in WooCommerce or any e-commerce stuff ) by yourself or with plugins. Try this: FG PrestaShop to WooCommerce

  • Thank you for your reply. But if I use this plugin, would I be redirected to Prestashop when I click on a product ? – Miky Jun 8 '19 at 20:16
  • @Miky You need to added only links for prestashop products? Or some content and links to presta? Describe your problem more. You can create posts, there is a picture and some txt, and below add a link to the presta goods. Then print that posts whatever you need inside WP. – Rimarx Jun 8 '19 at 20:59

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