I am having an issue when I try to use 'EntityFramework.SqlServerCompact nuget packge'.

I have created my model classes and I am also using the new ASP.NET MVC Tools Update MVcScaffolding out for the box feature when creating a new controller. this tooling feature also creates my DbContext class.

as it is explaind here :


Everything is fine. But, when I add the 'EntityFramework.SqlServerCompact nuget packge' and try to compile, I am getting the following error;

enter image description here

My machine is windows vista, 32bit and I am using VS 2010 pro if it matters.


I shared the link of this question on Scott Hanselman's blog post as comment and he gets back to me in an hour or so. the answer is as follows;

Perhaps a character in your path? Does it work in a folder like c:\dev?

and it totally worked. the problem related to folder chars and I tried it inside the c:\apps folder. thanks Scott !

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