Using java.util.regex to extract substrings I find myself implementing the same code pattern working around calls to :

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(pattern); // can be static final
Matcher m = p.matcher(input);
if (m.find()) { // or m.matches()
} else {

Is there a functional extension or popular library (guava / apache commons) that avoids the ugly unnecessary and error-prone local variable, like:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(pattern); // can be static final
p.matchedGroup(input, x) // return Optional<String>
    .map(group -> foo(group))

and also a stream of match results like:

Pattern p = Pattern.compile(pattern);
    .map((MatchResult mr) -> {
        mr.groupsIfPresent(x).map(g -> foo(g)).orElse(...)

It seems the only functional addition in Java8 was .splitAsStream() but that only helps when trying to split around matches.


The following is only available from

You're probably looking for Matcher::results which produces a Stream<MatchResult>

You can use it in the following way for example


An addition added by Holger and which is intersting would be, while reading a File and looking for a pattern to directly use Scanner::findAll to avoid loading the whole file in memory using File::lines

  • ah, Java9+ only. I was still on Java8 – tkruse Jun 9 at 1:35
  • 1
    also nicer if you can start the code with variable p, like p.matcher(input).results()... – tkruse Jun 9 at 1:50
  • 1
    It’s also worth noting the addition of Scanner.findAll​(Pattern), as too often, people start with Files.lines() instead, to search the line strings then, e.g. with flatMap, instead of streaming over the matches in the first place. – Holger Jun 11 at 16:28

There is an elegant solution that works for both Stream<String> and Optional<String>:

    Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("...");

    List<String> input = new ArrayList<>();

    List<String> matches = input.stream()
            .map(m -> m.group(x))

Though I would like to point out that doing a modifying/mutating operation in a filter-call is unusual. Please be careful when you do mutating operations in filtercalls and avoid them as much as possible. For this case it's fine though (from my subjective viewpoint) as you modify an object you just created in your stream that isn't used outside of the stream operations.

Use Optional.ofNullable/of when you only have one input, everything else looks the same.

  • Would also be nice to mention how to call find() multiple times to cover all occurences. Probably also easier with Java9 takeWhile – tkruse Jun 9 at 1:33
  • 2
    upvoting because it works for java8, but accepting java9 answer as the future way of doing this. – tkruse Jun 9 at 1:41

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