I would like to expose an api that allows ability to query another component's data which is in mongodb. In line with this, that api will have a parameters containing field names and values.

How do I prevent NoSQL injections for the ff:


There is no such thing as SQL injection in MongoDB since Mongo does not use SQL language at all.

There is no concept of named queries in Spring Data MongoDB, instead, you use to annotate your repository methods with @Query

public interface EmployeeRepository extends MongoRepository<Employee, String>

  @Query(value="{ 'firstname' : ?0 }", fields="{ 'firstname' : 1, 'lastname' : 1}")
  List<Employee> findByEmployeeFirstName(String firstname);

If you aren't doing that and are using parameterized/named queries only, then you're safe.

It's only possible if you're inlining user-controlled variables in a SQL/JPQL string like so

String sql = "SELECT u FROM Employee u WHERE id=" + id
  • Using Criteria object is a different way of building customised queries in Spring Data MongoDB. In the sample code, I'm asking if I pass the name variable which may have come from the user, would the Criteria obj have some mechanism to prevent any NoSQL injections. – alegria Jul 15 at 13:27
  • sorry i meant the dbFieldName variable – alegria Jul 15 at 13:38

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