I am trying to analyse a dataframe using Pandas. My question is similar to the question:

How to get rows with min values in one column, grouped by other column, while keeping other columns?

In addition to that question (which is very important in my case), I also need to find the min value of the other columns if there are multiple min values for grouped column. If not, I need to see the corresponding values.

Here is a basic example;

df = pd.DataFrame({'id' : [1,1,1,2,2],
                   'A' : [8,6,6,8,9],
                   'B' : [1,2,4,5,4]})

When this dataframe is grouped by 'id' and aggregated (first on 'A', then on 'B') as I want, here is the output I want to see:

id  A   B   
1   6   2
2   8   5

Note that, there are multiple rows having min value for the column 'A' when id is 1. The corresponding 'B' column values are 2 and 4. Thus, the min of them is returned as the result for the 'B' column.

I do not know R, so, I did not understand the answer from the link above. Anyway, this is a different version of it.


IIUC, using idxmin after sorting by B


   id  A  B
1   1  6  2
3   2  8  5

Another way is taking advantage of groupby sorts group_keys by default. So, groupby 'id, A' will push groups of min A per ID to the top. After that, call min on B, reset_index and drop_duplicate

df.groupby(['id', 'A'])['B'].min().reset_index().drop_duplicates(subset='id')

   id  A  B
0   1  6  2
2   2  8  5

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