I have an IP camera (Foscam FI9800P) capable of sending an RTSP stream (I've confirmed using VLC the stream works). I want to stream the video from that camera to youtube.

I'm guessing the camera can't send it to youtube directly, so I need a device in the middle. Something like:

IP Camera --> Raspberry Pi --> Youtube live

Ideally I'd like to do this without re-encoding the video along the way. ffmpeg appears to be able to do this, but it has many options and I haven't been able to figure out all its command line options.

Any suggestions to how I can do this?

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Restreamer should be able to create the setup that you are looking for https://datarhei.github.io/restreamer

It uses NGINX and FFmpeg under the hood and has a user friendly web frontend to configure the stream.


Please check the link below, in this guide, you will be using "ffmpeg" this guide is very clear and has photos also, in this guide, they use their computer as a streaming server, you also can do it on a raspberry pi

"IP CAMERA RTSP STREAM TO YOUTUBE LIVE" https://www.unifore.net/ip-video-surveillance/yoosee-wi-fi-camera-rtsp-stream-to-youtube-live.html

if you have any problem you can ask me.

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