Assume I have a package sprout_services that 3 other packages I'm using require. Once the first package to run has required it, then it is open in the global space.

From anywhere in my application, I can do new SproutServices\ServiceLocator. Now, once I've had my second package initialize this sprout_services, I will inevitably be hit with the issue of Class has already been declared since I'm trying to re-define the same classes that were autoloaded before.

How can I make this sprout_services package open in the global state without overriding it and entering conflicts of "hey, I was the first here!"?

  • Are you using require inside the class using the ServiceLocator? Could you maybe show the code? Could it be that you need require_once or, since composer takes care of autoloading, not use a require statement at all? – dbrumann Jun 10 '19 at 17:17

I panicked for nothing.

Once a dependency is resolved and therefore included by composer, it'll enter the global namespace and cannot be overwritten. Composer knows and sees this and it'll not attempt to re-load.

I am not sure what happens if my class names are identical for different versions, I will update this answer as I find more.

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