I’m installing Phalcon on a Windows 64 bits with Mamp Pro, but Mamp ask the Phalcon extension 32 bits, then I used the Phalcon extension 32 bits and apparently it’s ok, because the phpinfo() show it. The problem is that at the moment run the application it throw an error: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Phalcon\Loader' not found in C:\MAMP\htdocs\MyProject\api\public\index.php:32

Any idea? Thank you so much!

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    is your version of mamp compiled as 32-bit? – Daniel A. White Jun 10 at 1:09
  • Thank you for answer me. I really don´t know, I’m using the last version for Windows, I mean 4.1. From here mamp.info/en/downloads – Juan Mendieta Jun 10 at 4:09

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