Unable to follow configuration specified in the Dropwizard Configuration at https://www.dropwizard.io/0.9.2/docs/manual/jdbi.html which specifies usage of :

    public void setDataSourceFactory(DataSourceFactory factory) 

I'm getting error in my IDE ( Intellij community ) that it cannnot resolve symbol 'DataSourceFactory'.

Please help me figure out why I am unable to use DataSourceFactory

I have tried the default options suggested by my IDE - find Maven Dependency on WEB or find JAR. None of them seem to solve my problem.

I am using Dropwizard with following configuration in my Pom.xml -


Following is my configuration file code -

public class DropBookmarksConfiguration extends Configuration {
    // TODO: implement service configuration
    private DataSourceFactory database = new DataSourceFactory();

    public void setDataSourceFactory(DataSourceFactory factory) {
        this.database = factory;

    public DataSourceFactory getDataSourceFactory() {
        return database;

I expect to be able to use DataSourceFactory without error

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    You probably need to import the dropwizard-jdbi or dropwizard-jdbi3 dependency. Example here. – zloster Jun 10 at 19:27

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