Here is what I want to achieve:

I followed this post to write a pure JS function that copies something to my iOS clipboard. Now what I want to try (it's extremely hacky) is to copy something to the clipboard that is in the same format as the Instagram API that uses native Swift code.

A tutorial of how the UIPasteBoard needs to be filled can be found here.

What I simply tried is to take the same data with the keys that they are using for the IG API, convert it into a JSON and paste it to the clipboard.

This is how my code looks:

function iosCopyToClipboard(string) { //Function copied from the tutorial linked above
    let el = document.createElement("input");
    el.contentEditable = true;
    el.readOnly = false;
    el.value = string;
    el.style = "position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; font-size: 0; opacity: 0.0";

    let range = document.createRange();
    let s = window.getSelection();
    el.setSelectionRange(0, 999999);

    return document.execCommand('copy');

$(document).on('click', '#copy', function(){
    var data = {
        "com.instagram.sharedSticker.backgroundTopColor": "#FF00FF",
        "com.instagram.sharedSticker.backgroundBottomColor": "#FF00FF"
    var json = JSON.stringify(data);

Does anyone think what I am trying could be possible, or is this complete nonsense?

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