I would like to use the jQuery select2 library on my Stencil theme for my BigCommerce store. How would I go about doing that?


In order to accomplish this on the Cornerstone theme, you'll follow these steps.

  1. Add Select2 to your package.json npm install select2 --save
  2. Add Select2 to your webpack config resolve/alias select2: path.resolve(__dirname, 'node_modules/select2/dist/js/select2.min.js'),
  3. Import library where you wish to use it(e.g. product.js) import 'select2';
  4. Import Select2 css @import "../../node_modules/select2/src/scss/core";
  5. Now you'll need to call select2() on any fields you want it run on. I accomplished this by
    1. Create custom product template
    2. Create custom product-view template
    3. Create custom replacement for the dynamicComponent for product options
    4. Add select2 class to any select elements you want it run on
    5. Run $('.select2').select2(); inside product.js onReady
    6. Lastly, you made need to fix up the CSS in order for select2 to display properly. Try .select2 {font-size: $input-small-fontSize;}

Since the trickiest part of this was the custom dynamicComponent template, here is what I made

{{#if this.type "===" "Configurable_PickList_Set"}}
    {{#if this.partial "===" "set-radio"}}
        {{> components/products/options/set-radio this }}
    {{#if this.partial "===" "set-rectangle"}}
        {{> components/products/options/set-rectangle this }}
    {{#if this.partial "===" "set-select"}}
        {{> components/products/options/set-select this select2="true" }}
    {{{dynamicComponent 'components/products/options'}}}

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