I am trying to create a UML profile that extends a SysML1.3::block element. I used the profile helper to create a profile package and its sub-packages for UML profile and the Toolbox profile. Saving, generating and loading the profile works and the corresponding toolbox is shown in the Toolbox.

Error Message

However, when I drag the element from the toolbox onto the diagram I get the following error message:

Enterprise Architect

Missing base type: 'MyBlockStereo1' does not extend 'SysML1.3::block'

Command: MetaModel::MyBlockStereo1(SysML1.3::block)

[ OK ]

The following figure shows the visual representation of the actual error message:

Error message when dropping element onto diagram


How do I define a stereotype that derives from a non-UML element and how can I include such a stereotype in a toolbox so I can drag it onto a diagram?

Thanks for your help!

Additional information

I am using Enterprise Architect 14.1 and followed the description from Create Stereotypes Extending non-UML Objects

Here is a visual representation of the defined profile:

Toolbox Profile: Icon definition

UML Profile: Stereotype definition


According to the manual that is exactly how you have to extend existing non-UML stereotype since v14.

But I had the same problem you have. I managed to solve it by using the "old" way where you needed to generalize the non-UML stereotype, but also had to extend the base metatype.

In my case that was with ArchiMate:

enter image description here

The toolbox then uses the metaclass (UML::Class)

enter image description here

This seemed to work just fine. I never bothered trying to figure out what was really going on as I had a perfectly functional workaround.

  • Enterprise Architect: the work around tool. What a great slogan that would be. – qwerty_so Jun 11 '19 at 8:26

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