I know that every gitlab ci job has been specifically designed to not depend on any other (so they can be ran separately).

However, I need to do something different, and this is my current pipeline:

1. install dependencies
2. lint
3. commit linted files // <== first commit
4. test
5. bump versions; commit and tag repository // <== second commit
6. compile
7. push tags and commits back to the origin // <== push tags

How could I preserve the status of git across different jobs?

Ideally, I will push those commits and tags only after I know the build has passed. And also the second commit should be made on top of the first one...

Current behaviour is:

Since every job starts from scratch the changes made, but not pushed, to the repo will be lost...


You should probably take a look at dependencies in GitLab CI.

  • could you please elaborate a bit more – Hitmands Jun 12 at 5:49
  • I think you could try sharing the whole git-repository through the different jobs. – allinonemovie Jun 12 at 6:14
  • A workaround I have put is adding .git to cache:paths, any thought on side effects I could get? – Hitmands Jun 12 at 7:09

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