I am using ruby 2.5.1. I did store keys in redis using HKEYS and filter keys using HSCAN. I need to modify HKEYS if the key already exists.

How can I update HKEYS field if there exists in redis using Ruby on Rails?


you can do it using ruby code but don't think it's a good idea to use HKEYS

require 'redis'
redis = Redis.new 
redis.hset('hash_name', 'key' , 'new_value')if redis.hexists('hash_name','key')

or using scan

curser , result =  redis.hscan 'hash_name' 
k,val = result.find{ |arr| arr.first == 'k'}
redis.hset('hash_name', 'key' , 'new_value') if k 
# you will need to loop until curser be 0 

seems inefficient but it works

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