I want to open a Unix domain socket for both reading and writing from an AWK script. I'm using Gnu AWK.

Accoring to this guide, ordinary sockets could be opened as "/net-type/protocol/local-port/remote-host/remote-port", where "net-type" is inet4 or inet6. But could Unix domain sockets be opened this way? I found nothing in the manual.

Anyway, this is what I tried. I want to write "status 3" command in the Unix socket and read the output back.

    serv = "/var/etc/openvpn/serv.sock";

    printf("status 3\n") |& ("nc -U " serv)

    printf("wrote status command into serv.sock\n");
    getline ans < serv

    printf("ans = %s\n", ans);

But it doesn't read the data back.

    $ gawk -f bwlimit.awk db.txt
    wrote status command into serv.sock
    newdata =
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    not something I've done myself but you might want to try do { print data |& "subprogram"; "subprogram" |& getline results } while (data left to process) close("subprogram") as described at gnu.org/software/gawk/manual/html_node/… after setting subprogram="nc -U " serv. – Ed Morton Jun 12 at 9:43
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    awk is text operator/command, and sockets are networking level operators. Better not mix. I suggest you use netcat command also known as nc to test your socket on the command line. When successful integrate netcat commands into awk script. – Dudi Boy Jun 12 at 17:11

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