I need to scan all springboot projects from my github organization which uses a particular dependency(say platform-core) being used in pom.xml.

Need to create a freestyle/maven stand-alone job which should scan pom.xml of all 100 odd projects from github and prepare a list which project has the mentioned dependency. mvn:dependency-tree gives the list, but for 100 projects need to understand the scalability , since this may involve downloading each project, run mvn:dependency-tree and search through the console output?

Can anyone help is there any way to achieve it?

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Note that for public repositories, GitHub has introduced a feature for Listing the packages that a repository depends on

(meaning, without you cloning the repo and running mvn:dependency-tree)

But there is no API I can see which would query that list remotely (beside scrapping the page)

So cloning and running (possibly in parallel) remains the one avenue you have the most control.

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