After much searching I finally found it. Here's the response.

Step 1

code for the user to provide the link and for PIL to resize it according to some conditions (not relevant to the question). PIL opens the image file link like this:


where url is the link.


then PIL must save it AND seek(0) on the io.BytesIO class:

blob = io.BytesIO()
img.save(blob, 'JPEG')
response = twitter.upload_media(media=blob);

Step 3 Proceed according to the documendation:

twitter.update_status(status='Checkout this cool image!', media_ids=[response['media_id']])

Twython's documendation is outdated and StringIO() has changed package and also doesn't take bytes objects. I also can't get the logic behind making a bytes object to a string and then send it as a bytes object.


The media parameter also takes io.BytesIO class objects as shown above and in this simpler example below:

response = twitter.upload_media(media=io.BytesIO(requests.get(url).content));

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