I've integrated Ant Media Server to my project and embed its ultra low latency player to my web site. However Ant Media Server returns invalid response. Normally the same url can be playable on web browser. The problem is about in embedding.

I've embedded like this

<iframe src="//server_address:5080/WebRTCAppEE/play.html?name=70277403434" ></iframe>

Do you guess what's wrong with that?



The problem may be about the protocol difference between http and https. For example if your website is using https, embedding something


uses the same protocol(https) for connection due to "//". On the other hand, 5080 port is for http not for https. Server returns http content but web browser expect https so that it shows invalid response.

Resolution can be like this, you can assign a domain to your instance and install SSL to your Ant Media Server instance as described here https://antmedia.io/enable-ssl-on-ant-media-server/

After that embed like this


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