In my Angular 7.2.0 component I am using a https://www.devexpress.com/ component. I am not able to override the CSS with the component's CSS file unless I use the /deep/ flag. For example:

/deep/ .dx-editor-cell .dx-texteditor .dx-texteditor-input {
    background: blue;

Is this correct approach? If I update to Angular 8 will there be a problem? Or is there any other correct way to do it?

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    Although listed as deprecated (angular.io/guide/…) there is no scheduled removal or suggested replacement. – jonrsharpe Jun 12 at 7:17
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    I am still using ::ng-deep, even though that one is deprecated as well. If you are going to use any of the deprecated ones, ::ng-deep is preferred. >The shadow-dom-piercing descendant combinator is deprecated and support is being removed from major browsers and tools. As such, in v4 we deprecated support in Angular for all 3 of /deep/, >>> and ::ng-deep. Until removal, ::ng-deep is preferred for broader compatibility with the tools. – John Jun 12 at 7:18
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    Like with the MatDialog from Angular Material Design, you can specify a cssPanelClass, and some other third party components have an @Input()-decorator, which can be used to add a container class for styling. Does the component you use from devexpress have that? If yes, that is the recommended approach In my opinion. – John Jun 12 at 7:32
  • Avoid use ::ng-deep. Why not use ViewEncapsulation.None? well it's necesary enclosed your component under a div to avoid the .css affeted all your appplication but it's more natural – Eliseo Jun 12 at 7:54

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