In more then 3 projects i tried where pageloader is included in pubspec.yaml error appeared:

for example, in official hacker_news_pwa webdev serve makes error:

webdev could not run for this project.
The `build_runner` version – 1.3.3 – is not within the allowed constraint – >=1.5.0 <2.0.0.

when i fix build_ranner version to 1.5.0 another error appears:

Because build_runner >=1.1.3 depends on build >=1.0.0 <1.2.0 and pageloader >=3.0.0-beta <3.0.1 depends on build ^0.12.7, build_runner >=1.1.3 is incompatible with pageloader >=3.0.0-beta
And because pageloader >=3.0.0 depends on build_config ^0.3.1 and build_runner >=1.3.4 depends on build_config >=0.4.0 <0.4.1, build_runner >=1.3.4 is incompatible with pageloader
So, because examples.hacker_news_pwa depends on both pageloader ^3.0.0-beta and build_runner ^1.5.0, version solving failed.

and so on and so forth..... endless errors. why?

When pageloader is removed errors removes too.

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    There is workaround: Angular 5.3.1 still requires webdev 1.0.1. You can install it with this command: pub global activate webdev 1.0.1. – Valery Kulikov Jun 14 at 3:37

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