I use dbcp2.BasicDataSource as database-connection-pool. The database query is used in some map function to get additional info of sensors; I found out that, when the flink job restarts due to exceptions, the old DB connections are still active on the server side.

flink version 1.7

BasicDataSource construct code here

object DbHelper extends Lazing with Logging {
    private lazy val connectionPool: BasicDataSource = createDataSource()

    private def createDataSource(): BasicDataSource = {
        val conn_str = props.getProperty("db.url")
        val conn_user = props.getProperty("db.user")
        val conn_pwd = props.getProperty("db.pwd")
        val initialSize = props.getProperty("db.initial.size", "3").toInt

        val bds = new BasicDataSource
  • You need to make sure to close your DB connection when the program terminates. One way of doing this is by adding a shutdown hook (via sys.addShutdownHook). Another would be to use mapPartitions instead of map to limit the number of connections opened, and close them before the method finishes. – Yuval Itzchakov Jun 12 at 13:03
  • Add close method on sys.addShutdownHook but not work, is there any shutdown hook in Flink. – weiwen yin Jun 13 at 5:45

Change your map function to a RichMapFunction. Override the close() method of the RichMapFunction and put the code to close your database connection there. You should likely be putting the code to open the connection in the open() method as well.

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