In a library I use, there is a WriteCallback type. I don't know what is it, I cannot find it define anywhere ?

Could someone explain me what is WriteCallback ? Is it a native function or type in c++ ?

.h file

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
  #include "Arduino.h"
  #include "WConstants.h"

typedef void (*WriteCallback)  (const byte what);    // send a byte to serial port
typedef int  (*AvailableCallback)  ();    // return number of bytes available
typedef int  (*ReadCallback)  ();    // read a byte from serial port

void sendMsg (WriteCallback fSend, 
              const byte * data, const byte length);
byte recvMsg (AvailableCallback fAvailable, ReadCallback fRead, 
              byte * data, const byte length, 
              unsigned long timeout = 500);

  • Simply put this is a pointer to a function which takes const byte as one and only parameter. This is mainly used to pass functions which will act as callbacks. Take a quick look geeksforgeeks.org/callbacks-in-c – Ivan Kaloyanov Jun 12 '19 at 13:14

typedef void (*WriteCallback) (const byte what); defines a function pointer type which takes a const byte and returns a void. It is used to easily use function pointers. Just as uint8_t is defined using a typedef as: typedef unsigned char uint8_t; to be used as a easy shorthand for a 8bit width variable.

A example usage would be:

typedef void (*WriteCallback)  (const byte what);
void sendMsg (WriteCallback fSend, const byte * data, const byte length);

void callbackfunction(const byte what) { /*do stuff*/ }

With a function call:


Internally the sendMsg would call the function pointed to by the fSend variable which in this case is callbackfunction.

The usage of this typedef makes it possbile to easily define pointers to functions and as per example switch the used write callback.

Writecallback funcPtr;

void switchCallback(){
    static int tmp = 0;
        funcPtr = &writecallbackA;
        funcPtr = &writecallbackB;
    tmp = (tmp) ? 0 : 1;

The above usage is more easily readable and comprehendeable than:

void (*fun_ptr) (const byte what);
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    &callbackfunction defines a function pointer. The typedef defines a function pointer type. – Caleth Jun 12 '19 at 8:18

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