I am trying to show a custom transition between two images without the trouble of white background. Now it works well with default DrawableCrossFadeTransition(1000, isFirstResource) but I am unable to create my own Transition object which includes my R.anim.

Simply applying that to Glide request builder's method transition is easy with GenericTransitionOptions although I am not able to figure how to do the same with target.onResourceReady

            .listener(object : RequestListener<Drawable> {

                // on resource ready
                override fun onResourceReady(resource: Drawable, model: Any, target: Target<Drawable>, dataSource: DataSource, isFirstResource: Boolean): Boolean {
                    if (isFirstResource)
                        return false
                    target.onResourceReady(resource, DrawableCrossFadeTransition(1000, isFirstResource))
                    return true

                // load fail
                override fun onLoadFailed(e: GlideException?, model: Any?, target: Target<Drawable>?, isFirstResource: Boolean): Boolean {
                    return true


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