Python script does not run while executing in a bat file, but runs seamlessly on the editor.

The error is related to datatype difference in pd.merge script. Although the datatype given to both the columns is same in both the dataframes.

df2a["supply"] = df2a["supply"].astype(str)
df2["supply_typ"] = df2["supply_typ"].astype(str)
df2a["supply_typ"] = df2a["supply_typ"].astype(str)
df = (pd.merge(df2,df2a, how=join,on= 

While running the bat file i am getting following error in pd.merge:

You are trying to merge on float64 and object columns. If you wish to proceed you should use pd.concat


Not a direct answer, but contains code that cannot be formatted in a comment, and should be enough to solve the problem.

When pandas says that you are trying to merge on float64 and object columns, it is certainly right. It may not be evident because pandas relies on numpy, and that a numpy object column can store any data.

I ended with a simple function to diagnose all those data type problem:

def show_types(df):
    for i,c in enumerate(df.columns):
        print(df[c].dtype, type(df.iat[0, i]))

It shows both the pandas datatype of the columns of a dataframe, and the actual type of the first element of the column. It can help do see the difference between columns containing str elements and other containing datatime.datatime ones, while the datatype is just objects.

Use that on both of your dataframes, and the problem should become evident...

  • if that's the case then how come it is working while running the script on spyder. It is throwing error only on bat file. – Nikita Rathi Jun 12 at 8:15
  • As it breaks, you can alway add a trace print to help to do a diagnostic. When it is fixed, just comment the debug only print statements. – Serge Ballesta Jun 12 at 8:21
  • i added a print statement to check if data type is changed. But it prints same data type as in string for both . – Nikita Rathi Jun 12 at 8:22
  • @NikitaRathi: The 9 columns your are merging on are all strings? – Serge Ballesta Jun 12 at 8:27
  • no..but the error is coming for supply_typ and supply colum – Nikita Rathi Jun 12 at 8:35

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