Xcode : 10.2.1

Language : swift

FB SDK Version : 5.3.2

Hello guys can you help me to solve this problem with new facebook audience network framework SDK 5.3.2?? When i integrated this framework it returns 57 error logs. I had tried many times to search this problem on google but can't able to find any proper solutions.

Old Facebook Framework Works Properly.


I think you can add the framework of the screenshot below. When I updated the Facebook SDK before, the new version used some new APIs and needed new framework dependencies.

And add the VideoToolbox.framework and CoreMotion.framework.

  • Thanx for helping it will work Good. But now it gives 4 Error. I have update my question. – sohil Jun 12 at 9:07
  • @sohil add the VideoToolbox.framework and CoreMotion.framework – Star Jun 12 at 9:17

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