GenericContainer do not process files while running outside Testcontainers works fine

Seems that container is somehow constrained, not enough resources or somehow blocked, or file watching behaves not properly with bind.

public class SimpleIntegrationTest {

    private static final Logger LOGGER = LoggerFactory.getLogger(SimpleIntegrationTest.class);

    public GenericContainer container = new GenericContainer<>(
            new ImageFromDockerfile()
                    .withDockerfileFromBuilder(builder ->
            .withFileSystemBind("/home/greg/share", "/share", BindMode.READ_WRITE)
            .withCreateContainerCmdModifier(cmd -> cmd.withHostName("somehost.com"))
            .waitingFor(Wait.forLogMessage(".*Ourproduct is Up.*\\n", 1).withStartupTimeout(Duration.ofSeconds(60)));

    public void simpleExchangeTest() throws IOException, InterruptedException {

        LOGGER.info("Starting simple exchange test...");

        // copy input file
        InputStream request = ClassLoader.getSystemResourceAsStream("message.txt");
        File target = new File("/home/greg/share/input/message.txt");
        FileUtils.copyToFile(request, target);

        // watch for response
        Path path = Paths.get("/home/greg/share/output");
        WatchService watchService = path.getFileSystem().newWatchService();
        path.register(watchService, StandardWatchEventKinds.ENTRY_CREATE);

        LOGGER.info("Waiting up to [{}] seconds for response file...", 30);
        WatchKey watchKey = watchService.poll(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

        if (watchKey != null) {
            watchKey.pollEvents().stream().forEach(event -> LOGGER.info(event.context().toString()));

        LOGGER.info("Container logs...");


Obviously I am expecting response in /home/greg/share/output but it never arrives.

Works just fine when I do:

  1. docker run -itd --name cont --hostname somehost.com -p 8080:8080 --mount type=bind,source=/home/greg/share,target=/share ourproduct:latest
  2. docker exec -it cont bash

In container

  1. cd /opt/ourproduct
  2. ./Scripts/start.sh

Outside container on host

  1. cp message.txt /home/greg/share/input/

After few seconds I have response in home/greg/share/output Not the case for TestContainers...

EDIT: When I add in the test:

Container.ExecResult execResult = container.execInContainer("./Scripts/status.sh");

I get:

com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.ConflictException: {"message":"Container aac697315e3e22ccee4cdf805e6b1b325663bae054ab1104021c4da724cb4a5a is not running"}

Any idea what is wrong and why it is not running?

  • Can it be a file permissions issue? – bangnab Jun 12 at 8:08
  • Container run on root.. so probably not. But what is the difference anyway between CLI and Testcontainers in this case... – GrzegorzM Jun 12 at 8:26
  • when I add Container.ExecResult execResult = gtFrame.execInContainer("./Scripts/status.sh"); I get com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.ConflictException: {"message":"Container aac697315e3e22ccee4cdf805e6b1b325663bae054ab1104021c4da724cb4a5a is not running"} How is that possible, what could be a reason? – GrzegorzM Jun 12 at 8:29
  • Could it be that the container exits immediately for some reason? That would explain why you don't get your output file. – bangnab Jun 12 at 8:58
  • for CLI I use -itd option for that thus container stays.. how to get the same in TestContainers? seems there is problem in my code. Same behavior for following: ` @Rule public GenericContainer test = new GenericContainer<>("ubuntu:16.04") .withCreateContainerCmdModifier(cmd -> cmd.withHostName("the-cache")); Container.ExecResult execResult0 = test.execInContainer("ls", "-al", "/"); ` – GrzegorzM Jun 12 at 11:51

adding tail solved the problem

.entryPoint("./Scripts/start.sh && tail -f /dev/null")
  • This is not related to your post/question. I see that you have some experience with using TestContainers, just wanted to see if anything ring a bell seeing my issue: stackoverflow.com/questions/56674613/… – chom Jun 21 at 22:19

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