I am using Keras and Tensorflow. I understand that Dense lyer with softmax activation will output a set of probablities. Suddenly, I notice that other people use Dense layer with softmax activation which its ouput is a tensor with rank of 3.

model plotting

My question is how to interpret this output with rank of 3 if it is a classification problem?

The code to produce the output of Dense layer with rank of 3: model.add(Conv3D(32, (1,2,2), padding="same", input_shape=(32, 224, 224, 3))) model.add(MaxPooling3D((2,2,2))) model.add(Conv3D(64, (1,2,2), padding="same")) model.add(MaxPooling3D((2,2,2))) model.add(Conv3D(128, (1,2,2), padding="same")) model.add(MaxPooling3D((4,4,4))) model.add(Flatten()) model.add(Dense(1024, activation='softmax')) model.add(Reshape((32, 32))) model.add(Dense(256)) model.add(Dense(11, activation="softmax", name="fc"))

  • There is no way to interpret this without more context, where are these figures coming from? – Matias Valdenegro Jun 12 at 8:16
  • I dont remember where this architecture comes from. But, for picture in the right, I remember that they employ 32 frames from a video. So, can I interpret like this: "the authors try to classify a frame one by one into predefined class". Am I correct? – donto Jun 12 at 8:23
  • Can you please share the code of your model? – Markus Jun 12 at 8:30
  • just updated the question – donto Jun 12 at 9:15
  • The output shape seems to be of (32, 11 ). Maybe the whole clip consisting of 32 frames was an input for CNN. The output was the class probabilities for 11 classes of 32 frames. Each of the 32 frames corresponds to one of the 11 labels. – Shubham Panchal Jun 12 at 11:02

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