I'm trying to update one table based off of information I place in another table.

What I am trying to do is insert a firstname into table1 and I want table2 to to insert that FirstName into it's table automatically based on the name placed into table1. Let's say I input the name john into table1 I want table2 to update it's FirstName column with the name john. How do I achieve this? and my second question is if I also Update the FirstName in Table 2 I want the FirstName in table1 to update with the "new" FirstName.

create table Table1 (
  TestOne int identity(1,1) primary key not null,
  FirstName nvarchar(50) not null,

create table Table2 (
  TestTwo int identity(1,1) primary key foreign key references Table1(TestOne) not null,
  FirstName nvarchar(50) not null,
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    use trigger trigger guide – Raka Jun 12 at 8:06
  • Here's a question - why do you want to copy the same data from one table to another? Seems redundant. Surely the second table should just maintain a foreign key to the first. Then when you want to see both sets of data together you do a query which joins them. That's kind of the whole point of relational databases. Unless what you've shown here is an over-simplification, and you have some valid justification for creating copies of the same data, then I'm not sure this is the correct way to implement your schema. – ADyson Jun 12 at 8:41

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