Can't seem to find a reason why the first approach works, and the second doesn't.

Works: pastebin Doesn't: pastebin

The difference between these two is that there's <TextField> in the second one instead of <div> and <Field>. But the examples I've seen makes the <TextField> work just fine, what am I missing?


You have to pass the component to <Field />:

<Field component={TextField} name="password">
  • You mean to rewrite <TextField> as <Field component={TextField}>? It doesn't change nothing. – Ne Nenne Jun 12 at 8:22

You are now trying to use it like so:

    render={props => (

... Which should work, are you getting any errors in the console?

If that doesn't work for some reason you can try doing it via Field render props.
This snippet is taken from the Formik docs.

        render={({ field }) => (
          <input {...field} placeholder="password" />

You see you can use a render props to the Field component to render a custom component if you like.

There are 3 ways to render things with <Field>.

Aside from string-only component, each render prop is passed the same props for your convenience.

Field's render props are an object containing:

field: An object containing onChange, onBlur, name, and value of the field form: Formik state and helpers Any other props passed to field

See more in Formik docs here.

  • Are you saying material-ui's TextField must be inside Field? I don't follow. – Ne Nenne Jun 12 at 9:04
  • @NeNenne I've updated my answer to elaborate. Please explain why the code you pasted doesn't work, do you get any errors? – OArnarsson Jun 12 at 9:15
  • It made it clearer for me, thank you. I found the issue - it's the validationschema. If I comment it out, I can submit successfully. Otherwise I press the submit button and nothing happens. Do you know what may be wrong with my validation schema? – Ne Nenne Jun 12 at 9:27
  • @NeNenne you could try moving the ValidationSchema declaration out of the render function? make it a const before you render the component. Also try removing the required form the TextField components as that is already declared in your ValidationSchema – OArnarsson Jun 12 at 9:38
  • 1
    Yes indeed, it's way clearer solution, less magic for me. – Ne Nenne Jun 12 at 13:58

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