I tried to use Perl DBI for programming. I would like to get the standard SQLSTATE using $h- >state() but it returns '' while the $h- >errstr() got the belows result DBD::Pg::db selectcol_arrayref failed: ERROR: numeric field overflow

h- >state() returns a string in the format of the standard SQLSTATE five-character error string. Many drivers do not fully support this method, and upon invoking it to discern the SQLSTATE code, the value: S1000 will be returned. The specific general success code 00000 is translated to 0, so that if no error has been flagged, this method will return a false value. docstore.mik.ua/orelly/linux/dbi/ch04_05.htm

Do you know what the problem is?

  • Please show us the code that causes the problem. Also, please don't post links to pirated copies of books. – Dave Cross Jun 12 at 9:42
  • The state() is unlikely to be what you really need (for example, in 25 years of DBI programming, I have never used it). The documentation for the method says The state() method should not be used to test for errors, use err() for that, because drivers may return a 'success with information' or warning state code via state() for methods that have not 'failed'. – Dave Cross Jun 12 at 9:44

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