I am trying to run a script in the cfn-init command but it keeps timing out. What am I doing wrong when running the startup-script.sh?

"WebServerInstance" : {
      "Type" : "AWS::EC2::Instance",
      "DependsOn" : "AttachGateway",
      "Metadata" : {
        "Comment" : "Install a simple application",
        "AWS::CloudFormation::Init" : {
          "config" : {
            "files": {
              "/home/ec2-user/startup_script.sh": {
                "content": {
                  "Fn::Join": [
                      "aws s3 cp s3://server-assets/startserver.jar . --region=ap-northeast-1\n",
                      "aws s3 cp s3://server-assets/site-home-sprint2.jar . --region=ap-northeast-1\n",
                      "java -jar startserver.jar\n",
                      "java -jar site-home-sprint2.jar --spring.datasource.password=`< password.txt` --spring.datasource.username=`< username.txt` --spring.datasource.url=`<db_url.txt`\n"
                "mode": "000755"
            "commands": {
              "start_server": {
                "command": "./startup_script.sh",
                "cwd": "~",

The file part works fine and it creates the file but it times out at running the command. What is the correct way of executing a shell script?

  • You say "it's timing out": is it because the script hangs or does it run so long that you exceed the default time-out? – Marakai 2 days ago

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