I would like to write a text file into every folder of a directory. The text file should contain the path to the specific folder.

I have tried a loop like this, but it says the folder/ directory syntax is wrong:

cd C:\path_to_direcotry
set wd=%CD%
for /D %%a in ("%wd%\*.*") do (
ECHO Is this the path to the sub folder?
ECHO "%wd%\%%a"
) > "%%a\path.txt"

I am new to batch scripts, any help would be appreciated, including pointing out duplicate questions. I did not find any that work.

  • Do cd /D "C:\path_to_directory" to also change the drive; also check out pushd/popd as an alternative to cd. There is no need to store %CD% into another variable (wd), and you do not need to specify it in for /D (just use in ("*.*"), then use ~ modifiers like echo %%~fa to get the full path then, or also > "%%~fa\path.txt")... – aschipfl Jun 12 at 9:06
  • Please post your exact code by cutting and pasting. You have mis-spelt directory in path_to_direcotry and this may be the root of your problem. – Magoo Jun 12 at 9:20
  • All you should need is: @For /D %%A In ("C:\path_to_directory\*")Do @(Echo(%%~fA)>"%%~fA\path.txt". You would replace the %%~fA between the two parentheses with the real string you're wanting to use. – Compo Jun 12 at 9:27
  • Thank you all for the replies. Compo, your solution works perfectly, thank you so much! Also thank you aschipfl for explaining how it works! – Jonas C Jun 12 at 9:48

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