In Puppet and Hiera, you often need to work with structured data in hashes and arrays.

In the Puppet language, you can access hash and array members with square brackets, like $facts['networking']['fqdn']. Hiera doesn’t use square brackets; instead, it uses a key.subkey notation, like facts.networking.fqdn.

This is for 5.2. Is there the same functionality available in 3.8? I could not find it in the documentation.


Is there the same functionality available in 3.8?

No. Puppet 3 -- which is obsolete and no longer supported -- uses Hiera version 1, which does not support the key / subkey syntax. You need at least Puppet 4 / Hiera 3 for that, but even that's very old. The latest Puppet is v6.4 (with Hiera 5).

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