I'm creating an Android App in React-Native and I need to do the SignUp Method.

I use PouchDB/CouchDB for the DB.

This is a part of my signup page code:

Why in your opinion it doesn't go?? Thank you

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Your method call does not match the method signature.

// Method signature
static createUser(identity, FirstName, LastName, FiscalCode /*, Password*/)

// Incorrect Method call
User.createUser({identity: identity, FirstName: this.props.FirstName,LastName: this.props.LastName,FiscalCode: this.props.FiscalCode})

// Correct Method call
User.createUser(identity, this.props.FirstName, this.props.LastName, this.props.FiscalCode)

Also, in the if condition you are checking for class properties when they should be in state.

// Incorrect
            utility.isEmpty(this.Password) ||

// Corrected

            utility.isEmpty(this.state.Password) ||
  • I tried this method but nothing change :/ – Jack23 Jun 12 at 9:38

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