I have a data frame with time series data. In one column I have signup dates, and in the other cancel dates. I want to add a date for missing cancel dates that is less than a specific date, but maximum 40 weeks.

How should I proceed?

if df['cancel_date'] is NaT, then add date max. + 40 weeks. df['cancel_date'] - df['signup_date'] should not be less than 0.

  • Do you have an example of your df (with some rows with missing data)? – Niels Henkens Jun 12 at 8:59
  • What do you mean with date.max? Is this the max of df['signup_date'] or df['cancel_date']? – Niels Henkens Jun 12 at 9:00
  • with date.max I mean the date should not be larger than e.g. 2018-04-30 - for df['cancel_date'] – superflow Jun 12 at 9:12
  • I still don't get it. Where does 2018-04-30 come from? You say that solution 1 of Chris A works, but this doesn't use anything with max. do you actualy need anything with max? And if you just use the signup_date from the corresponding row. How can it be less than 0 if you add 40 weeks? – Niels Henkens Jun 12 at 9:54

IIUC, you can use Series.fillna with pandas.Timedelta class.

If adding 40 weeks to the records signup_date:

df['cancel_date'] = df['cancel_date'].fillna(df['signup_date'] + pd.Timedelta(40, 'W'))

If adding 40 weeks to maximum date in the sign_up column:

df['cancel_date'] = df['cancel_date'].fillna(df['signup_date'].max() + pd.Timedelta(40, 'W'))

Or if using some predefined max date value, with the constraint that signup_date < cancel_date, chain on the clip method:

max_date = pd.datetime(2018, 4, 30)

df['cancel_date'] = df['cancel_date'].fillna(max_date + pd.Timedelta(40, 'W')).clip(lower=df.signup_date)

I would use numpy.where, if you want to append a difference column directly between singup date and cancel date:

df['date difference between signup and cancel'] = np.where(df['cancel_date'] == np.nan, (df['signup_date'].max() + pd.Timedelta(40, 'W'))-df['signup_date'], df['cancel_date']-df['signup_date'])

This will give you a new column where you would have directly the difference between the signup date and the cancel date

  • Your code is not correct/complete – Niels Henkens Jun 12 at 9:01
  • datemax is missing, he could also applay another numpy where in it – PV8 Jun 12 at 9:02
  • This still doesn't do what he asks. If df['cancel_date'] is NaN, how can you subtract (df['signup_date'].max() + pd.Timedelta(40, 'W')) from it? And als the y part of np.where() isn't correct. If df['cancel_date']` is a date, than it should just be df['cancel_date']` (and not df['cancel_date']-df['signup_date']). – Niels Henkens Jun 12 at 9:42
  • other way around now, i am not sure what he asked for – PV8 Jun 12 at 9:43
  • if he asked just to fillna with a logic, the above solution is correc,t if he needs to add another column, mine is not bad – PV8 Jun 12 at 9:45

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