The code of my test is as follows:

it('makes sure the list items are populated', () => {
    var view = ReactTestUtils.renderIntoDocument(<Sidebar />)
    var result = view.populateLi();

The result is supposed to be an array of Components called ListItem.

Expected: [Function Array]
Received: [<ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />, <ListItem … />]

How do I write a test to match the Received scenario.


Use scryRenderedComponentsWithType:

     var result = TestUtils.scryRenderedComponentsWithType(view, ListItem);

As this will return an Array of ListItems, all you need to do is to check that the length of the array is what you expect:

  expect(result).length.to.equal(12); // or however many you expect

If you want to check your populateLi function works you should probably right a separate test:

var result = TestUtils.scryRenderedComponentsWithType(view, ListItem);     
var populateResult = view.populateLi();

  • throws an error : ReferenceError: ListItem is not defined – Harish Jun 12 at 9:05
  • You need to import or require it in the same way you're bringing in SideBar – Will Jenkins Jun 12 at 9:07
  • The test still fails Expected: [Function Array] Received: [[ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem], [ListItem] – Harish Jun 12 at 9:12
  • Also I wanted to check if populateLi() works properly. It is supposed to return an array of ListItem components. – Harish Jun 12 at 9:13
  • Ah ok, have updated the answer – Will Jenkins Jun 12 at 9:16

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