I'm integrating gluon maps in my application. I'm able to find location of two different users on the map. However, what I need is a direction/navigation - feature like google map in gluon mobile. Is there any to obtain it?

  • Gluon Maps doesn't implement any direction/navigation feature, you will have to add it on top of it, using MapLayer to render JavaFX nodes. – José Pereda Jun 13 at 16:36
  • But in order to render navigation or route I will need MapPoint between two locations. How to get all of the MapPoint in order to render route? – Vijay Tidake Jun 14 at 5:39
  • That is out of scope of Gluon Maps. You can find online services that will provide a routing API. For starters, check this. – José Pereda Jun 14 at 9:06

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