I am trying to train a model using Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

I chose the standard-1 scale tier (using the basic tier give memory exceptions which I think is due to the size(2.6GB) of the data) but my job fails after a log of "Finished tearing down training program" even though it is still downloading the data into the VM from the cloud storage.

It doesn't provide any Tracebacks as to what the error might be.

I have my data stored in the Cloud Storage and to make it available I use os.system('gsutil -m cp -r location_of_data_in_cloud_storage os.getcwd()') to store the data in the VM assigned so that it can be directly accessed by the program. This data is then loaded into the model.fit_generator() method through a generator.



As can be seen the data of 2.6GB hasn't been downloaded completely but the job fails before that!

  • Kindly point out if more details are needed, I'm new to using GCP! – Rohan Lekhwani Jun 12 at 10:40

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