I'm trying to add /usr/pgsql-10/bin to $PATH, since I want everybody who uses the machine, to be able to run the psql command.

Tried to follow this example:

- name: add {{extra_path}} to path
    dest: /etc/environment
    state: present
    backrefs: yes
    regexp: 'PATH=(["]*)((?!.*?{{extra_path}}).*?)(["]*)$'
    line: "PATH=\1\2:{{extra_path}}\3"

First of all, I don't quite understand how should I exactly modify this. Should I replace just the extra_path or the whole {{extra_path}} with my path (/usr/pgsql-10/bin).

I tried either way and I get different errors. To makes matters worse, my /etc/environment doesn't even contain PATH.


Declare additional path only

    extra_path: /usr/pgsql-10/bin

The tasks below based on the idea from Response to updating PATH with ansible - system wide seems to work

- name: 'Add {{ extra_path }} if PATH does not exist'
    path: /etc/environment
    line: 'PATH="{{ extra_path }}"'
    insertafter: EOF
  when: lookup('file', '/etc/environment') is not search('^\s*PATH\s*=')

- name: 'Add {{ extra_path }} to PATH'
    path: /etc/environment
    regexp: 'PATH=(["])((?!.*?{{ extra_path }}).*?)(["])$'
    line: 'PATH=\1\2:{{ extra_path }}\3'
    backrefs: yes
  when: lookup('file', '/etc/environment') is search('^\s*PATH\s*=')

( It's quite a reading.)

  • Thank you so much, it actually worked. The only thing I did differently is defining the variable inside the task after the - name – Alex Weitz Jun 13 at 2:34

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