I've got one question about wxSmith while worikng with CodeBlock.

I've create application that can do simple signal processing. For a while now, I've only been using only one wxFrame called "Naukaframe.wxs", and few mpWindow placed on it, however i needed to create another wxFrame called "Okno_startowe.wxs" with few seperated mpWindows on it.

While i was creating another wxFrame "Okno_startowe.wxs" I was not able to chose anything from Aui/Contrib/MathPlot tabs, however if i change back to main wxFrame, these tabs are still available.

Let me show you what i mean with pictures.

Here is main opened "Naukaframe.wxs"

available objects

And here is second one created without available tabs.

unavailable objects

I've tried to reincluding all of the files like mathplot.h, somehow still nothing changes. I expect to be able to use mpWindows (Mathplot in general) with every single wxFrame within my project.

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