We are provided with the username of our azure Cosmos Db account in Connection String blade in azure portal. But no details about the username is provided for Cosmos Db emulator. Only a key is provided which is the password. How can we know the username of Cosmos Db emulator?

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How can we know the username of Cosmos Db emulator?

In the emulator UI, URI is the username you want to get.

enter image description here

You could connect emulator client using URI and Primary Key,or you could use Connection String directly.

  • Actually the problem is that I tried to connect to cosmosdb emulator,installed in my pc,from a different pc using nodejs.Both the systems are in the same local network.But i am not able to connect. I understand that some changes need to be made in connection string(in the username and hostname) while connecting to the emulator from a different pc in the local network.But i dont know what the changes are? – VarunKumar Jun 13 at 5:15
  • By trying to use URI as username i got the Authentication error.URI is not same as Username in my opinion. – VarunKumar Jun 13 at 9:19

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