I have some micro services hosted on Google Cloud using Kubernetes. When I try to call http-get api of a serviceA using postman it returns response as expected, but when I try to call api of ServiceB which inturn calls the same api as I mentioned above of ServiceA it gives me below error.

"ok":false,"message":"Get https://SERVICE-API-URL: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority"

Since I am new to docker,kubernetes and google cloud, I really do not understand what/where to look for the solution.

Thanks in Advance. Paras

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    The error indicates that the client issuing the call does not know the CA that signed the certificate for the service service-api-url. However, that's all we can say. Where does the error come from? Is it your client calling Service B, or Service B calling Service A? Either way, you should look into how your certificates are generated and make sure the clients have the required CA certificates in their trusted store. – Marc Jun 12 at 12:45

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