I'm running twice the same model with routing.SolveFromAssignmentWithParameters(initial_solution, pywrapcp.DefaultRoutingSearchParameters()).

When I give it an initial_solution with assignment.ObjectiveValue()=1471713, it improves the objective within seconds to 1440093, and claims: search.cc:375] ######## NoMoreSolutions()

HOWEVER, there is a much better assignment! with assignment.ObjectiveValue()=1242107. I checked that it is valid with routing.solver().CheckAssignment() and indeed it is valid. Why did the solver miss it and why did it claim NoMoreSolutions? :( I thought that the whole idea behind the CP solver is to extensively search all feasible solutions in an intelligent heuristic order, until I tell it to stop.

Even stranger - I gave the better assignment to the solver as an initial_solution , and it improves it within seconds to an even better solution with objective 1240146 (and again claims NoMoreSolutions, but I'm not buying that lie anymore :)

What am I missing? I'm sure I didn't give any time_limit or solution_limit.

I'm using python, with ortools==7.0.6546.

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