Is there an easy way to apply a color map to a gray-scale image, and then convert this false color image to RGB preserving the color map? Because I have to draw something else with true colors on it.

The following code doesn't work.

large_image = cv2.applyColorMap(large_image, cv2.COLORMAP_JET)
large_image = cv2.cvtColor(large_image, cv2.COLOR_GRAY2RGB)

The second line gives an error:

error: (-215:Assertion failed) VScn::contains(scn) && VDcn::contains(dcn) && VDepth::contains(depth) in function 'cv::CvtHelper<struct cv::Set<1,-1,-1>,struct cv::Set<3,4,-1>,struct cv::Set<0,2,5>,2>::CvtHelper'
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    cv2.applyColorMap(large_image, cv2.COLORMAP_JET) already returns a RGB image, there is no need to convert it to RGB again using large_image = cv2.cvtColor(large_image, cv2.COLOR_GRAY2RGB) – ZdaR Jun 12 at 11:18

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