I adjusted my data to run the seasonal_decompose from statsmodels with the help from resample, my original index is a datetime column:

df2 = df2.set_index('Timeindex')
y = df2['Target'].resample('W').sum()
rcParams['figure.figsize'] = 18, 8

decomposition = sm.tsa.seasonal_decompose(y, model='additive')
fig = decomposition.plot()

So what I did so far is, that I summed my more or less daily data (some dates are missing) to weekly data, the observed graph in the plot is working, the trend graph as well, but the seasonal graph is missing.

My original data is 52 weeks for 2 years, so in total 104 data points, if I set:

decomposition = sm.tsa.seasonal_decompose(y, model='additive', freq=52)

it is also empty, so what is the right frequency in this case?

the graph looks like this: Analysing Time Series in Python - pandas formatting error - statsmodels

but the season part is empty.

If I do the same approach with resample to Monthly data, it is completly working.

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