I am currently using Cystoscope java script library to build graph by drag and dropping an element(from component palette/panel) on the canvas div container using HTML events drop and drag over along with edge-handles extension to make link between nodes manually.

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I have a floating panel which will list various types of components(of type say 'palette-node' div elements), using HTML5 drag and drop this component is dragged and dropped on canvas container div. By capturing drop event on target canvas container, I am creating new node(type canvas-node) in the canvas by calculating mouse co-ordinates. This works as expected and able to add as many number of nodes in the canvas by drag and drop event from floating panel to cystoscope container element.

Now I am checking if there is a possibility to drop on link so that dropped will be inserted in between other two nodes which linked already. I could not find appropriate way to detect node(palette-node from floating panel) drop on cystoscope link object. Would you please provide any thoughts to resolve this?

I have tried listening drop event on link by drop, drop free events in cystoscope instance Cy, but it was not detected as I am dropping different type (div of palette-node from floating panel).

  1. Listener declaration on cytoscape container div element

    this.containerElem.current.addEventListener("drop", this.dropHandler, false);
    this.containerElem.current.addEventListener("dragover", this.dragOverHandler, false);
  2. Drop handler to add new node in the cytoscape graph

    dropHandler = (dropEvt) => {
        let eventSource = this._getDragEventSource(dropEvt);
        if (eventSource.type === "palette-node") {
          let compType = eventSource.data.type;
          let position = this.getPosition(dropEvt);
            nodeData = {
              type: compType,
              x: point.x,
              y: point.y
        return false;

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