PhoneGap newbie, trying to get a custom build of the developer app (with a specific plugin), once built what's the recommended way to get the app onto my phone?

  1. I know Apple don't allow the app in the App Store any more, but this: Custom Build | PhoneGap Docs talks about putting a custom build onto your phone, but doesn't say how. It can't have been via being published in the App Store obviously, so how was it done? There should be a step between 4 & 5 on that page to tell you. Step 4 says "cordova build ios" (should be "phonegap build ios") then the next thing in step 5 is "Once you have your own build running successfully on your iOS device" - what's between?

  2. There's no Android build tab. This is an obvious omission but I just build for android "phonegap build android", but again how do I get the built app onto my phone - presume sideloading and changing Android settings to allow untrusted app installation?


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